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Brazil Professional Soccer School Tour Player Agreement

Download PDF of the Player Agreement


Dear Brazil Pro Soccer School Player,

Congratulations on being selected as an invitational player for the 2023 Brazil Pro Soccer School International tour. The tour will travel to the State of Sáo, Brazil for tournament competitions, friendly matches, professional Brazilian training, and culture. We are excited to save you a spot on our roster. We are confident that not only will you have fun but also you will improve your skills and knowledge of soccer play.

The trip to Brazil will be 2 weeks long. The tour leaves Los Angeles, California between July 26th and August 6th for fourteen days.  We will travel to the state of Sáo Paulo, Brazil, visiting several cities which is included in the cost of the program:

  • Round trip air transportation from LAX
  • 3 balanced and nutritious meals a day
  • Professional Soccer Training
  • Friendly & Tournament games
  • Tickets to professional matches
  • Visit to the Museum of Soccer/Futebol
  • Additional 7 v 7 Pickup Game(s)
  • Ground transportation in Brazil
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Athletic Trainer Available

Tour Cost Per Person: $ 3,650 USD

* Cost of tour is based on proposed itinerary and could change with changes to the itinerary.


This Program DOES NOT  include:

  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Laundry Service
  • Any other item not specified under “this program includes.”
  • Room Request(upon availability):

A deposit of  $1,500.00 per person is due upon registration and is needed to move forward with planning of the tour.

Enclosed is my deposit in the amount of $                                   

Check or money order made payable to:  

Brazil Pro Soccer School.
3655 Midvale Ave. #17
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Final Payment:

The final payment and the final name list are due 30 days prior to departure.


All cancellations must be submitted in written to Brazil Pro Soccer School. The cancellation date is the date on which Brazil receives the written communication of the intent to cancel at its place of business.

Date of Cancellation:                                                              Cancellation Fees:

Until 45 days to departure:                                                     $500
From 44 to 31 days prior to departure:                                   $1000 

Participant Information
Name: (Exactaly as it appears on your passport.)

First Name:                                   Middle                                Last:                                   

D.O.B:  MM          DD          YYYY                       

Adress: Street:                                                                                               

City:                                                    State:                                       Zip:                             

Home Phone:               -                 -                __Cell:              -                    - ____________

Player Email:                                                               ________________

Parents Email :_______________________________________________

Passport#                                or ID #:                                                     

Waiver and Release

I, as the parent or guardian, authorize any first aid or emergency medical care that may become necessary for my child while he is enrolled in Brazil Pro Soccer School. In consideration of the acceptance of my child’s entry in Brazil Pro Soccer School, I hereby for me and my child, our heirs, executors, administrators, and personal representative’s discharge, waive and release Roberto Dos Santos and Ze Luis Sobrinho. The Brazil Pro Soccer School, its partners, sponsors, employees, owners and agents of the facilities and clubs in which injury or death, which my child have by virtue or arising in connection with my child's participation in Brazil Pro Soccer School. By executing this document, I hereby assume, on behalf of my child, all risk of injury or loss to which he may be exposed.

I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand this medical release and waiver.


Signature                                                                                 Date