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Brazil Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

From what city does the trip depart from?
Los Angeles International Airport LAX

Can parents travel with the team?
Yes, parents can come if they chose. However, this trip is not a vacation, the trip is for soccer training purposes.

What do I bring on the trip?
All items needed are included in the list provided in the envelop and listed here.

Can an athlete travel without his immediate family?
Yes, an athlete may accompany his team or travel as an individual player if a parent or guardian does not come along on the trip. However, they will have to have the proper travel documents if they are under 18 years of age.

How long is the trip?
The trip to Brazil will be approximately 16 days long.

What is the level of competition?
Players should expect stiff competition. The quality of coaching is also very high which will be exhibited both in training sessions and match play. Players will use speed, tactical skills, technical skills, and power during practice and games.

Is it safe to travel in Brazil?
Yes, the locations we work with in Brazil are very safe. In 8 years of working and taking tours to Brazil, we have never had a negative incident.

What are the hotels like?
Hotels are safe, clean and modern and have a very friendly staff. All hotels have phones and internet.

What are the meals like?
In Brazil everyone eats very well. You will enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, pizza, meat, and pasta. No junk food. Daily breakfast buffets and nutritious lunches and dinners and included with each package.

What about water?
The water at the training centers and hotels is purified. Bottled water is available at all practices and games. Water is not a major concern in Brazil as in other Latin and Central American nations.

How do we get in touch with home?
There are many ways to communicate with family back home. You can call directly from your rooms (which costs quite a bit), call from a public phone through a pre-paid calling card, call directly from your cellular phone (activate that option with your local cell phone provider), use e-mail, or internet programs such ask SKYPE.

How much extra spending money should I take?
Your local accommodations, ground transportation, meals, and all soccer activities are included in the cost of your program. Whatever discretionary cash you might spend will be on personal items such as souvenirs or jerseys. The official exchange rate is available in daily newspapers, hotel cashiers, bank, and travel agencies. Cash, an ATM Card, and an international accepted credit card such as Visa are recommended. Travelers checks are not recommended.