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Zé Luiz Sobrinho
Beto dos Santos

Zé Luiz Sobrinho
Director of the Brazil Professional Soccer School, Professional Coach.

Player Achievements:
- 1993: Inka F.C. - NY – USA
- 1990-1992: Lowell United of MA – USA
- 1989: Club Atlentico Valdedez – Portugal, Europe
- 1988: União Santiago Cacem – Portugal, Europe
- 1987: Gremio Esportivo Maringa – PR, Brazil
- 1986-1986: Apucarana Atletico Club – PR, Brazil
- 1984: Club Atletico Votuporanguense – São Paulo, Brazil
- 1981-1983: Club Atletico Linense – São Paulo, Brazil
- 1976-1980: Esporte Club COmercial MS – Brazil

Ze Luiz Sobrinho also grew up in Brazil and played professionally as a goalkeeper there for 15 years with such clubs as Gremio Esportivo Maringa and Apucarana Atletico. He played two years in Europe (Portugal). He has a Masters degree in Physical Educatin and coaching experience at the professional level in Brazil's 1st division. Also NSCAA-licensed, Sobrinho is currently Coaching for FC Golden State. Sobrinho has 12 years of experience in soccer, including camps by Tony Diccico (Head Coach of the Women's US National Team).


Jose Luiz Barbosa Sobrinho
(310) 800 - 0386

- Born in São Paulo Brazil on November 12, 1960.
- 17 years of professional soccer playing experience.
- 14 years of soccer coaching experience.
- Fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Brazilian Coach
Professional player in Brazil for 15 years.
Professional player in Europe (Portugal) for 2 years.
Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education.
Coaching License A, FIFA Coach – Brazil
Coaching License from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America NSCAA
Coaching License from the California Youth Soccer Association -    South
Professional experience coaching in Brazil, 1st Division teams
10 years experience in Soccer Plus Camps, USA, coaching under Tony Diccico, 5 time USA Women’s world champion.

Coach: Jose Luiz Barbosa Sobrinho Associacão Esportiva Aracatuba 1994 2nd Division Champions.
Coaching Experience:
1994:  Associacão Esportiva Aracatuba – 2nd Division Champion.
1995: Associacão Esportiva Aracatuba – 1st Division, São Paulo, Brazil.
1995 – 2005: Summer Soccer Plus Camps, USA, Trained, and Selected Players for the US National Team
1996: Gremio Esportivo Novo Horinzontino – 1st Division, São Paulo, Brazil.
1997: Club Atletico Taguaritinga – 2nd Division, São Paulo, Brazil. Champions of the Bandeirantes Cup.
1998 – 2004:  Associacão Esportiva Aracatuba – 1st Division, São Paulo, Brazil.
2004 – 2009:  Club Atletico de Parana – Scout, Parana, Brazil.
2004 – 2009:  Club Atletico Paranaense – Scout. 1st Division, Parana, Brazil.
2005 – 2009:  Galaxy Alliance, U.S.A.
2005 – 2009: Founder of Brazil Professional Soccer School, which takes a group of young players to train in Brazil for the summer.
2010: Galaxy Alliance, U.S.  Champion in 2009 (Young Team) 1st Place in California, U.S.A
2012: FC Los Angeles Coach
2013: FC Golden State Coach