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Primary Mission
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Primary Mission

Having a good Time.


Brazil Pro Soccer School's primary mission is to teach young children the basic skills needed to play soccer while having a good time.

Positive reinforcement is the one and only way in which Brazil Pro Soccer School will stimulate its young students to do better.

Even the smallest success of each child is openly celebrated.

In our classes, politeness is observed and encouraged, translating that team sports are an important tool to help children develop their skills.

Here are some of the reasons why Brazil Pro Soccer School is the after-school program of choice:

Brazil Pro Soccer School emphasizes building not only the necessary skills to become a good player, but also promotes notions of fitness that will be useful to your child for the rest of their life.

Your child will learn how to warm up, stretch, concentrate, and relax, all while having tons of fun.

Some Photos

For more photos, check out our photo gallery. If you're looking for training for a long period of time, consider our camps.

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